ESR Open Canvas for Ophthalmic Dispensing: Task 1

Closed 5 Nov 2019

Opened 3 Oct 2019

Feedback updated 27 Jul 2020

We asked

We asked the Open Canvas audience to provide feedback on Task 1 as conducted by the Expert Advisory Group (EAG).

You said

The general feedback was that Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour applied to all categories, the EAG also agreed with this.

Under the following categories and elements, the Open Canvas feedback suggested:

  • Communication category: Under this category there should be an additional element called ‘Personal Appraisal’
  • Multi-disciplinary teamworking category: There should be an element added in this category called ‘Awareness of professional boundaries’
  • Clinical Excellence category: In this category the element ‘Research’ should read as ‘Conduct and critically evaluate research’, the element ‘Learning from near misses’ should be changed as it is difficult to define what a near miss is.

We did

We presented the feedback from Task 1 to the EAG, they then decided whether to accept, reject or incorporate the feedback from Open Canvas into the next stage. The group agreed the following:

  • Communication category: The term ‘Personal appraisal’ is associated with business and strays into employment the EAG felt this was ambiguous in meaning. Furthermore the EAG decided that ‘Personal Appraisal’ can be reflected under the element ‘self-reflection’
  • Multi-disciplinary teamworking category: The EAG felt the addition of ‘Awareness of professional boundaries’ as an element is not needed at this stage and will come under referral and signposting and can be reflected in the Ethics and Standards category.
  • Clinical Excellence category: The EAG felt that ‘Conduct and critically evaluate’ was going into a more granular level and will be explored later. The EAG agreed that the term ‘near-misses’ was not seen as appropriate and instead felt that NHS Governance terminology such as ‘Impact prevented’ was more suitable.

We continue to invite you to relay to your stakeholders that the ESR Open Canvas is a platform open to the thoughts of all interested parties as we continue to develop the ESR.


The ESR Open Canvas is a forum for interested stakeholders to respond and participate in the work of the GOC’s ESR Expert Advisory Groups. The thoughts generated in this space will feed into our work on the ESR.

All individuals participating in the forum do so without anonymity and on the basis that their views will be used to develop our work on the ESR. We will be publishing authors’ names and their responses. The Open Canvas is a forum for you to give us your views as our workstreams develop.

Why your views matter

We want to make our development processes as transparent and inclusive as possible. We are using the ESR Canvas as a forum to publish the working documents produced within our Expert Advisory Groups and provide an opportunity for contributors to feed their thoughts into the work of the ESR.